A Message from Brian Schatz

Brian Schatz Neil Abercrombie

Since the Primary Election, we have joined forces with our running mate, Neil Abercrombie.  Together, we have the ability to break the stalemate in government so it can serve the people again. And Neil understands that we cannot afford to have a Lieutenant Governor who sits on the sidelines. We have outlined major responsibilities for the LG in the new administration.

Neil and I have been working tirelessly to share our vision for the future of Hawaii–and how we will implement our vision beginning on the first day in office. While our opponents put so much energy into explaining what is not possible and what cannot be done, Neil and I are talking about what we can accomplish if we work together.

In these final days of the campaign, the choice for voters is a clear one. We can continue the last eight years of a state government paralyzed by division and argument. Or we can move in a new direction, with leadership that listens and takes action.

The campaign for Governor is going down to the wire. The Republican Party will do and say anything to keep the Governor’s seat in Hawaii.  All you have to do is watch a few minutes of television these days to see how mainland Republican interests are spending nearly $1 million on slick advertisements to attack Neil.

I’m counting on you to vote. And please make sure your friends and family have their votes counted too. One by one, friend to friend, person to person, we will be victorious on November 2nd.

Brian Schatz

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