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A Message from Brian Schatz

Brian Schatz Neil Abercrombie

Since the Primary Election, we have joined forces with our running mate, Neil Abercrombie.  Together, we have the ability to break the stalemate in government so it can serve the people again. And Neil understands that we cannot afford to have a Lieutenant Governor who sits on the sidelines. We have outlined major responsibilities for the LG in the new administration.

Neil and I have been working tirelessly to share our vision for the future of Hawaii–and how we will implement our vision beginning on the first day in office. While our opponents put so much energy into explaining what is not possible and what cannot be done, Neil and I are talking about what we can accomplish if we work together.

In these final days of the campaign, the choice for voters is a clear one. We can continue the last eight years of a state government paralyzed by division and argument. Or we can move in a new direction, with leadership that listens and takes action.

The campaign for Governor is going down to the wire. The Republican Party will do and say anything to keep the Governor’s seat in Hawaii.  All you have to do is watch a few minutes of television these days to see how mainland Republican interests are spending nearly $1 million on slick advertisements to attack Neil.

I’m counting on you to vote. And please make sure your friends and family have their votes counted too. One by one, friend to friend, person to person, we will be victorious on November 2nd.

Brian Schatz

Progressive Dems of Hawai’i & Nurses Assoc Endorse Hooser

Maui’s Senator Roz Baker introduces Gary Hooser (video lower right):

Progressive Democrats of Hawai’i:

“Where other candidates seemed to be more calculating and cautious in their statements and career, Hooser has a record of being plain-spoken and forthright. He is a good listener, but does not hide his commitment to protecting the environment and advocating for social justice,” Josh Frost, Co-Chair, Progressive Democrats of Hawaii

“Senator Hooser is by far the most unabashedly progressive candidate running for Lieutenant Governor” Bart Dame, longtime progressive Democratic activist

Hawai’i Nurses Association:

Sen. Hooser is “the most experienced candidate for the position of Lt. Governor”
HNA President Joan A. Craft

“Gary Hooser has demonstrated his commitment to the working people of Hawaii over and over again. In these difficult times, those of us that represent Labor Unions owe it to our members to see to it that our elected state leaders represent the grassroots working people that make Hawaii the “Island of Paradise” and ensures that our island environment is protected,” HNA Executive Director Patt A. Gibbs, Esq.

Hawai’i Democratic Central Committee on Maui

Hawaii State Committee Meets at Kanaha Park

Party leaders met at Kanaha Park today to discuss the upcoming State Democratic Convention. Gubernatorial candidate, Neil Abercrombie, pointed out that Republican, Linda Lingle, has tied up a $billion of State money in some complicated investments which make it impossible to access the funds now that we need them.

Your own webmaster, Karen Chun, with Neil Abercrombie

Mayoral Candidate, Sol Kaho'ohalahala Maui County Council Member Sol Kaho’ohalahala made a surprise announcement that he will run for Maui Mayor.  Since before this, the two front runners were Republican and former Republican, having someone of his stature, well known to all, and with decades of government experience is a real game changer. Sol was right at home in the canoe hale having formerly coached at Hui Wa’a O Lana’i.
Three Lt. Governor candidates showed that they care enough about Maui to travel here. They included Gary Hooser (current State Senator from Kaua’i), Lyla Berg (current State Representative from Oahu) and Norman Sakamoto (current State Senator from Oahu)

Sen Gary Hooser (Lt. Gov Candidate) talking with a Tasha Kama supporter

Lt. Gov candidate, Lyla Berg, her campaign manager and Elle Cochran, candidate for Maui County Council (West Maui)

Lyla Berg (l) with Elle Cochran (r)

Norman Sakamoto

Maui Party Chair, Lance Holter, Justin Hughey, and District 9 Chair, Yasamin Alarab

District 8 House Candidate, Tasha Kama with her young supporters

Councilmember Gladys Baisa

Netra Halperin, Candidate for House District 11

Neil Abercrombie talks with Justin Hughey

Long time Maui Democratic worker, Tony Takitani.

Elle Cochran, running for County Council West Maui Seat

Elle Cochran, young, energetic and involved showed up to represent her precinct. Elle is running for the County Council West Maui Seat.

Don’t confuse Elle with Mary Cochran (no relation) who is running for the Pa’ia seat against Democrats Kai Nishiki and Leona Bak Nomura)

Lyla Berg Visits Maui

Lyla Berg, candidate for Lt. Governor, visited Maui recently.  She urged Maui residents to be active in commenting on bills in front of the legislature.  As one of the few Representatives who regularly votes with Neighbor Island legislators in issues important to the Maui County, she stressed that getting back-up in the form of testimony was important in helping Maui’s voice be heard.