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Kaniela Ing: Update on Kihei High School

You may have heard from Representative Fontaine’s campaign that Kihei High School is currently “on its way.”

Is this true? Don’t be fooled South Maui. The answer is a definite “No.”

But together we can make it a reality!
Although Senator Baker and Rep Bertram were successful in securing $20m for the land (of the needed $140m to begin construction), this money has lapsed since Rep Bertram lost his seat.

During the last two legislative sessions, Representative Fontaine refused to request the release of this $20m from the Governor because of partisan politics.

Additional Kihei Highschool funding has been in the Senate budget (Mahalo Senator Baker), but it has not made it in the House budget in 2011 or 2012.

The Governor wants the project to move forward, so does the rest of the Maui delegation. However, our much needed high school will not make it in the budget unless we elect someone who can work WITH, not against, the Maui delegation.

Together, we can do it, and once again make education a priority for our district and state–but I need your support. Can I count on your vote in November?

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