It’s about time we’re talking about jobs.

by Sen Jeff Merkley
Last night, the President laid out a strong case that Washington needs to set aside the petty politics and take aggressive action to tackle the jobs crisis.
That is dead on.  We won’t diminish the debt by driving our economy into a double-dip recession or a depression.  We have to create jobs both to put a foundation under our families and to restore an economy to battle our debt.
This much is clear: no government program is as important to the success of a family as a good job. A good job pays the mortgage or the rent. A good job puts food on the table.  A good job feeds the soul.
It is unacceptable that 14 million Americans are out of work.  That’s 14 million families in trouble. That’s deep damage to communities across the nation.  That’s an economy stuck in the ditch.
Last night our President laid out a roadmap to get out of the ditch by putting folks back to work.  It is a diverse, serious, and substantial roadmap incorporating ideas from both sides of the aisle.  
So Republicans in Congress have a choice to make.  Do they work towards real solutions? Or keep pursuing Mitch McConnell’s top priority of denying President Obama a second term, even if it means costing more Americans their jobs, homes, and savings?

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