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Want to vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary?  Hawai’i unlike other states requires that you actually apply for membership in the Hawai’i Democratic Party before you can participate in the Presidential Primary.

The Democratic Party of Hawai’i would like to invite you to become a member. We care about the future of agriculture in our Islands. We strive for excellence in public education for our Keiki. We support fair pay and strong labor practices. We stand firm on the issues of energy sustainability, preservation of Hawai’i’s environment, and the rights of native Hawaiians.

The following is the platform adapted at the convention in May 2010. If you agree with these values, please consider strengthening our party and registering today. The future of our islands depends on us.

1. Preserve and strengthen the future of agriculture in Hawai’i

2. Protect and restore the civil and human rights of each person

3. Support and provide for a strong economy

4. Provide an excellent public education for students at every level

5. Achieve energy sustainability

6. Protect and preserve Hawai’i‟s environment

7. Support fair and just foreign policy that promotes peace

8. Provide high quality and affordable healthcare for every human being

9. Reform our government, supporting transparency in government and free, fair, and democratic elections

10. Support strong labor practices, good jobs and fair pay

11. Support military relations that honor and provide for all military personnel and veterans while protecting our ‘aina

12. Support the rights of native Hawaiians and the preservation of native Hawaiian culture

13. Adapt transportation policies that improve our quality of life

QUESTIONS?: Call us at 596-2980

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