President Obama’s Jobs Bill

The president has proposed a comprehensive jobs bill which will:

  • Put 1.9 million people to work
  • Repair our roads, bridges, and other sadly neglected infrastructure
  • Lower taxes on the middle class and working people
  • Raise taxes on the ultra-rich and corporations.
  • Extend unemployment benefits

The GOP is filibustering this bill in the Senate and won’t even let it come up for discussion in the House.

The Republican’s plan is to:

  • Eliminate Social Security
  • Eliminate Medicare
  • Eliminate Medicaid
  • Cut Unemployment benefits
  • Extend the Bush tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy

The Republicans have had their way for 8 years and instead of the wealth “trickling down”, they have destroyed the middle class.

According to the C.I.A.’s own ranking of countries by income inequality, the United States is more unequal a society than either Tunisia or Egypt.

These facts underscore that inequality:

This is why people are protesting on Wall Street and all over the U.S.  And the protests are working!  We’re not hearing so much bluster about cutting Social Security and Medicare from Congress any more.

The Democratic Party stands up for the middle class and the working families of America.

Join your voice to those who are “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”.  Sign wave for Jobs not Cuts Sunday Oct 16th at noon on Ka’ahumanu Ave in front of Kahului Shopping Center.

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